The specialists in medical and pharmaceutical translation

Localization and interpretation solutions in more than 100 languages.

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

All our native translators are graduate in specific fields, skills and sectors.


Marketing, PR or research: we have a perfect command of professional terminology in this sector.

Animal Health

Clinical Research - Regulatory Documents - Marketing Content


Professionnal translations in more than 100 languages.

GLIM Life Sciences is the specialist language service provider in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Our translators who have degrees in biology, pharmacology, human or veterinary medicine, fulfil our requirement of mastering scientific terminology perfectly.

In this context, and to guarantee the best possible quality, our experts work exclusively into their mother tongue and specialise in specific fields, skills and sectors.

GLIM Life Sciences operates in a highly technical sector, with complex national and international regulations.  Translators must take great professional care when addressing these subjects, both in their specific sector expertise and the quality of their results.


We applie the same level of rigour and professionalism to all its clients, by drawing on an exclusive network of health professionals.



Clinical Studies

In line with the increasingly global nature of the industry environment, clinical trials that are highly technical in nature require translations to be faultless, from a scientific viewpoint, but also in terms of cultural aspects, in order to meet local health authority requirements.

Regulatory Affairs

Both in human and veterinary medicine, national and international health authorities are becoming increasingly demanding with respect to the quality of information submitted for the market authorisation application.


Faced with a large diversity and sheer scale of issues, the pharmaceutical industry must be particularly attentive to the quality of information submitted in the context of pharmacovigilance obligations.

Product sheets and Instruction Manuals

The scientific language is like the information it conveys: precise, indisputable and specialised. Translating product data sheets and instruction manuals requires a very high level of expertise.

Marketing & Communication

Disseminating and communicating your service in a highly competitive environment while retaining the identity of your brand and the products is not a task for the faint-hearted.


As the first point of contact with the target customers, the message on the packaging has a key role to play in a product’s commercial success.


we aim to establish trusting relationships

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